A few of my favorite things

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All about the stars
All about the stars

Okay this is my first and foremost post so I am not going to  write much but I am sure going to impress. See, I am not going to tell you that tall  story about how  I love to write and read  crap cuz it is so typical of all the bloggers these days to pull that line, so cliched, right?Truth is , it hasn’t been easy starting a blog.I am telling you I could write you a book about the number of people I have turned  to for support ( celebrities inclusive)to help me start this little blog and most of the time they either want to rip you off or want something in return( REAL TALK!).
I have always dreamt of starting me a major blog like this one  and of course why not start with topics I love to talk about, write about and even rave about. it is a great feeling and a great day to start a blog about celebrities, personalities and inspiring people. This will  be where the stars will dine, wine and sleep with you  so make sure you do not miss out on any of our posts. I will bring you all the trending topics here and now, this is indeed going to be an exciting experience for me and of course for you, the reader. So make it a point to stop by this place  anytime and anyday for some hot  juicy gossip, interviews, opinions , fashion trends and a lot more . I won’t lie to you this is going to be the hautest spot for all your entertainment news and more. Forget the rest and stick with the best , CELEBRITIES HAUTESPOTT, where all the celebrities live.Of course if you don’t make it here then you are no celebrity. And please feel free to drop some line or two for any of our featured stars cuz you know you will be heard. Until  my next post. ILOVEMESOMEU.xEfya1imagesstyle-evolution-kerry-washington-35_240x340_92


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