Juliet Ibrahim stars in new Movie, African Time with Hollywood’s Syr Law

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If you have not acted with a Hollywood star or two yet then I guess you are not there yet? Or so it seems as every tom , dick and harry in the  African movie industry is scrambling for their ninety minutes of fame in Hollywood. But  it seems like Tinseltown still looks as further away from many of these African stars as Hollywood is  not as easy to penetrate into as as it seems.

For most of them the only way they can come any close to Hollywood is to star in a production by an African Film maker with a couple of Hollywood stars here and there. Well, that’s not bad is it? So when word came that  Juliet Ibrahim was starring in an upcoming movie – African Time we could not help but be happy for her.  Reports say the actress is starring  alongside some of Hollywood’s known faces including Syr Law of Tyler Perry’s ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’.

The story humorously explores the issue of late coming among Africans and unveils some possible solutions for the infamous African Time. African Time” is a phrase used to describe the relaxed attitude that many Africans exhibit towards time. It seems to have become a part of African culture in that most African events tend to begin a few hours after the specified start time.

This becomes frustrating to those Africans that like to be punctual. Ironically, many Africans that are late to various social events are seldom late to work and to other engagements of interest. This fact questions whether “African Time” is really a culture or a Choice. African Time is directed by Kelechi Eke

Watch the Trailer. What do you think?


One thought on “Juliet Ibrahim stars in new Movie, African Time with Hollywood’s Syr Law

    Heartie said:
    09/24/2013 at 10:59 PM

    wow.these pictures are good,yummy mommy

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