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Feuding amongst African celebrities on social media has become rampant these days. With the most recent row reportedly the one between Tontoh Dike and Mercy Johnson. Seriously, what do these so called celebrities think, that feuding or a few hate words directed at a colleague on social media such as facebook, twitter or the conventional media will make them more popular?    Or do they even think these gimmicks will give them the much needed attention they are shamelessly craving for? Trust me this might look fun or even funny in the initial stages but gradually all that sweetness in the gum will go away and reality will set in. Translation: All that feuding will not be fun anymore and all that would be left in its wake are a lot of ruffled feathers.

Just the other day, we saw Tontoh Dike again (the lady with so much drama) and our very own Yvonne Nelson take to twitter to wash their dirty ‘dross’ (and you all know I am making reference to the “ the boy is mine” Iyanya issue). At first I thought the whole twitter war thing was just a ploy to entertain us, the followers and that it will soon die down. But like a wild fire that takes a long while to put out, these named celebrities impetuously and repetitively gave us drama on twitter. And please don’t give me the crap about those twitter accounts being fake because we all saw the kind of drama being played out. Whether the accounts were fake or not, celebrities should not give these fake account holders the slightest chance to capitalize on their beefs to gain more followership. And we all know how these fake accounts holders prove to be dubious sometimes. Just the other day I heard about another exchange between two known Nigerian rap artistes on twitter (don’t even recall their names).  And not long ago there was one between this same Tontoh and Samini and another between Samini and P square? The picture is creates is an ugly one and followers should never encourage it.  

Definitely, twitter wars may be common in Hollywood or other parts of the world. But really, must Hollywood always be the standard for African celebrities.  Besides how many times, have we seen celebrities in Hollywood feud on social media over trivial issues like guys? When Jennifer Aniston lost Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie did she take to twitter to attack Jolie with foul language, exhibiting to her followers what a sour loser she was? No, I don’t think so. And please don’t give me that crap about being human because we all know that so clichéd. All I am saying is that celebrities especially African celebrities should know better. Celebrities must never ever forget their role they play in society:  role models of our time. And to be a role model requires that they at least try in whatever way they can to walk the walk and talk the talk.

In your own estimation is this something we should be worry about? Or are you on the side that think No worries! This too shall pass?


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