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Yesterday, on Cnn’s  Ireport ,Ghana was put in the spotlight in a post captioned ,  What questions do you have for President John Dramani Mahama? The feature went on to share a little expose on the small country called Ghana. This is what the expose said

Ghana is viewed as a model nation in Africa, with its fast growing economy, vibrant culture and democratic society.

 The country has been one of the few in Africa to enjoy peaceful transitions of power in recent decades, and is the world’s second-largest cocoa producer and the continent’s second biggest gold miner, according to the United Nations.

 CNN will interview Ghana’s new president, John Dramani Mahama, in October and we would like to ask him your questions! Are you curious about what challenges Ghana faces? What its hopes are for the future? How it sees itself as a model for the region? 

 Send us your questions for the president in a video (15 seconds or less, please) and they could be asked on CNN! Post your questions no later than Monday, September 30.

So Ghana is in the Spotlight, what  questions do you have for the Ghanaian President. Please visit  to post your comments  now.


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