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Do black men prefer white women?

POV: This is a feature on the blog where people give their  Point of views (POV)on societal issues and matters arising. This may be in the form or debate or commentary. We will like to elucidate again that these are views of the authors and  not the blog owners. However these views must be taken in consideration because they matter. So enjoy the reading and weigh in now?

If you have watched the movie, Obsessed, then you understand what I am driving at. In the film Obsessed (2009), a deranged white woman (played by Ali Larter) comes on rather quite strongly to a powerful executive (played by Idris Elba) who happens to be a black man. Thereafter, the entire movie becomes a setup for the ultimate cat fight between the white woman and the black man’s wife (played by Beyoncé Knowles).  However, the movie does beg the question: Do black men prefer white women? If so, why? I explore this, and a number of other intriguing details in this thought provoking piece on sex and racial politics. Image


Is there something wrong with interracial relationships and marriages? No. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, scientifically speaking there is nothing such as race. In actual fact a person’s race is equivalent to the colours of dogs, cats, birds and ice cream. Yes, I said ice cream. There is Vanilla, strawberry, cappuccino. Well, race  is merely nothing but a particular assortment of  human beings. There is white, black, red, yellow. I  am sure if  the world was much bigger, we would have more races.


Then why then do people have a problem with interracial relationships and marriages? Let us not kid ourselves there are lots of people who seem to have a problem with this white- black union thing. Black women for example do have a problem with the fact that most successful black men usually  have white women by their sides as if true African queens are not worthy of standing by their sides.  And the black men would always say that  if only  black women were less dramatic and less “bitchy” enough then they will get their men by their sides.  I disagree wholeheartedly of this notion. For one I do not think this black-white thing  is about character. If it was, then I believe those who believe in this are all ignorant. I mean, just as you can find drama queens and bitchy women amongst black women you can find white dramatic and bitchy women as well. All women carry the  same genetic traits that makes them naturally more dramatic than men. There is no evidence to support that notion that black women are dramatic and obnoxious than white women-maybe stronger nerves and personalities but not necessarily obnoxious.


See,  many believe this black-white thing balls down to the accepted aesthestic ideal of beauty as blond hair ,blue-eyed,thin,  tall female and anything close to it as opposed to dark, short, most kinky haired woman.  Believe it or not black women in Africa, American and the world over face the brunt of this treatment by their fellow black men. What most black women think is  that this is merely about appearance and many at times try to augment their appearance by straightening their hair, adding hair extentions, dying their hair( especially blonde),bleaching their skin which they have embellished these days  as toning, wearing of coloured contact lenses and so and so forth. Many black women have come to believe that the ultimate male fantasy of a woman is one with  the aesthestic of a Caucasian and the body of a negro. I believe they get this from magazines, TV and music videos which promote whitened black women like Beyonce ,Rihanna and even Halle Berry’s character in the X-Men. There has been a long running joke that Beyonce will never have her look without the fake hair and make up. Now,back to the question of why people have a problem with interracial relationship, now some say that it is has  everything to do with culture.Culture represents an average of human cognition in any given group. Because of culture, certain rules and practices are accepted as the de facto standard of behaviour in each group.

Now, before European cultures developed the cognitive capacity to go out and intermingle with others, each culture had already developed a set of standards as it pertains to beauty and self perception. Even though the golden ratio of beauty applies ubiquitously, there are some idiosyncrasies within each culture that describe how they perceive themselves. This is critical in understanding why interracial unions cause such consternation.

Race makes up for about 3% of our DNA. However, because it determines over 90% of what we look like, people have developed cultures which dwell on overstating its significance. Thus wherever people appear to show preference for one race or another, it has as much to do with our DNA as it has to do with our cultural definitions.


What causes interracial marriages then? It is plain simple, conquest. It is always natural that when people  start to travel the world over that races and cultures will be intermingled. It is certainly an inescapable reality.


There are a number of myths about the black man-white woman relationship. I am going to try to bring to bear some of the well known theories ,follow up commentary and actual facts about this issue but I must say some of these theories and commentaries are very much debatable.



White women go  for black men because they have large penises.( This is one of the most  commonly discussed and most debatable  theories  in this debate)



Well, Not all black men have huge penises. I would say on average, theirs might be slightly larger than usual but then again there are white guys with big ones and black guys with small ones. It is not completely  factual that if you are a black man you have a humongous penis. Some Medical doctors will certify that there are probably as many white men with large penises as there are black men. The average size of the male penis remains relatively the same across ethnic groups, averaging out at 5.9 inches. People believe otherwise because of  the sensationalist fantasy of a black man pummeling a helpless white female   To be fair however, there is a larger population of black men who appear to have a larger penis. To understand why this is, you have to examine the male anatomy. Now, natural selection in the African continent has given the men with more of their penis external to the body a much greater preference by choice females for reproduction. Over the centuries, the men who had weaker pelvic ligaments (and thus the appearance of a longer penis) reproduced more. Even though their numbers grew, they still do not outnumber African men with a standard length penis.

Most of these men with a longer phallus are of West African descent, and thus constitute the black men of today’s African-Americans and Caribbean nationals. They are specifically black men who have settled in the American South and northern Caribbean territories like the Bahamas, Cuba and Jamaica. The large majority of other black men have an average sized penis.

Infact some women say that a man with an unusually lengthy penis is more frightening than one with a standard sized shaft. So,does size matter  to white women or even black women themselves. No! It is absolute nonsense to say that white women go for black men  with  large penises. I mean when one is looking for love do  one consider the fact that one’s partner is huge or not. Well, maybe some do but most women look beyond that.




 Black men prefer white women because they are fairer, prettier, more attractive among many other things.



Yes, there is genetically more variations in white women(example hair type& colour, nose shape, eye colour and the likes). There are  notably fewer  variation in black women but this does not make the white woman more appealing to black man. I am certain  without doubt that when one looks carefully one will find  prettier  and attractive black women. Take Whitney Houston, Gabrielle Union, Laryn Hill,, Kimberly Elise for example. These sisters certainly define the well-educated  and accomplished beauty. There has to more to this theory. Infact, some people say that where as many black women believe that more and more black men are going for white women, there has  been a few white men going for black women. It is just not as publicised as unions between black men and white women – largely because of a sensational bias.

A white man taking a black woman for a wife doesn’t carry the same appeal as a black man taking a white woman in the same capacity. Love is free. It always has been and always will be and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. The former however, isn’t considered as such.

The truth is that a lot of highly successful black women face a crisis when it comes to finding a suitable black man as a mate. It is a well documented fact that black women tend to be more xenophobic than black men. They are far more reserved about marrying outside of their race than black men. However, the shortage of good black male stock has forced many black women to relax their ethnic preferences when looking for love.

The reality of the situation though is that most black men prefer conspicuously curvaceous women with aesthestic Caucasian look, some of them would sometimes go for lighter-skinned women to sort of  appease black women. Well, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.



Black men prefer white women as status symbol



There are a number of reasons why a black man would marry a white woman, and virtually none of them have anything to do with using her as a glorified hood ornament just because she’s white – no pun intended. I’m pretty sure if most black women had a Michele Obama or Beyoncé Knowles or Rihanna appeal, this idea would vapourise immediately.

 Some people are of the view that men go after trophy wives. Whether they are black or white is irrelevant. A trophy wife is usually that über-femme that has distinguished herself in such a way that having her on any man’s arm would make him look like the ultimate alpha male, irrespective of her ethnicity. Men don’t select women exclusively for ethnicity. It’s largely about raw sex appeal. Whichever package presents it best gets the most votes (or penises).

 You hear people say that there are many white men who go after unusually well endowed black trophy wives (like David Bowie and Iman). But you never hear about those. There are many black men whose black wives are sex icons (like Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé). But you never hear any contention about those either. How odd is it then that it is the black men notching a hot white girlfriend who get all this negative attention?

A white woman is perceived as being a trophy wife to a black man not because she’s white, but rather because her appearance renders her exotic. It would be no different if he had married an Asian, an Indian or any other female who is conspicuously not black. Thus the quintessential nature of the hypocrisy is exposed as little more than another manifestation of an inferiority complex. Many at times you hear people ask these questions.

Could it be that some of these black men married for true love ? Is it fair  for the black sister folk to make  them out as a villain or a traitor to black people. White men who married non-white women face a similar kind of nonsense everyday. But just as these people have their views, there are those  black women folks who think that their black men folks have been unfair to them. They claim when most of these men reach a certain status such as football stars, basketball stars ,movie star status they feel they have to have any woman especially the white woman. Some say that some way, some how this balls down to historical relationship between white man and the black man



Black men prefer white women  because they are more docile and less obnoxious



Well, as I said earlier all women are genetically dramatic than men. There is no document that  says that black women are dramatic or obnoxious than their white counterparts. But black women tend to exhibit  these trait more often because of several factors. See, most black women act a certain way because of the environment they were raised in , circumstances surrounding the situations  among others.In fact, one of the social constructs that many  people conveniently ignore is that black women who grow up in white suburban neighbourhoods acquiesce the behavioural patterns of the other kids in their environment as they grow up. 

One’s environment goes a long way towards influencing behaviour and preference. You can find as many white Betty-Maes  who are no less crass like the black “ghetto mom” Laquishas. And you are also certain to find black women who  are docile and less obnoxious as compared to the stereotypical loud,obnoxious, distasteful black woman often portrayed on Tyler Perry’s Madea movies. Black men in general do  not understand fellow  black women if then how then will Perry misrepresent women in such a manner. Likewise, black women also misunderstand their men. Many black men state boldly that it is not about the appearance nor is it about the character. To some of them, true love is not about colour. It is just free and free means they have a chance to choose between white,black, yellow and red. It is that simple. See, some black men think that this black- man-white woman thing  is simply not a case of the white woman out to get black woman as many black women will like to believe but a matter of choice.  


So do you still think black men prefer white women over black women? Well, that is solely up to you now. But mind you there is no evidence there that shows that black men prefer white women. Even if there are black men out there who prefer fairer characteristics, believe it or not the large majority of black men still prefer black women. Well, while everyone is entitled to their preferences, true love has no colour, culture, religion, race, class, creed or social demarcation.

We’ve come a long way since the dark ignorance days. For you folks out there, Love is free. It always has been and always will be and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. But all the same if you think otherwise weigh in now.



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    […] Bringing the Interracial Debate Back( Pov): Why Do Black Men Prefer White Women […]

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