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A couple of days ago, it got a little ugly on the internet, as Roc Nation and G.O.O.D Music singers Rihanna and Teyana Taylor argued in front of the entire world via their public Twitter feeds.

Teyana felt as though Rihanna was bullying her by posting a video of her male hairdresser singing the same part of a song Teyana sang not too long ago, while rocking wavy hair and a snapback cap reminiscent of Teyana’s style.

After things escalated, Rihanna changed her cover photo to show the world the difference in their net worths and Teyana changed hers to a photo that showed herself beating up Rihanna, complete with a picture of the bruised face RiRi had following her 2009 domestic violence incident Chris Brown.

Now the man in the video, Rihanna’s hair stylist Yusef Williams, is coming to Rihanna’s defense, saying she had no malicious intent and he meant no harm. He told EnStars:

“Honestly, I just finished making the wig. I started making the video. It was amazing, no malicious intent towards Teyana. I just think it was uncalled for. Teyana killed that song.”

The song Yusef is referring to is Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love.” As for whether or not Rihanna took Teyana’s tweets seriously, he commented:

“She [Rihanna] could care less. It was funny. That’s what’s so funny. It wasn’t like that,” he said. “She doesn’t care, that’s her personality.”

The celebrity hair stylist also went on to say:

“Cyber bully is a harsh word. She is focused, being Rihanna. She is not sitting around. She didn’t grab her phone. She is the most kind and giving person. I just think for that to go the way it went, it was uncalled for.”

Hopefully the beef dies down soon, because we love these two girls. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

SOURCE: EnStars 


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