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Ivanka Trump made not one—but two!—big reveals today on her Instagram today.

The first is that she is just days away from welcoming her second child with hubby Jared Kushner.  “Only two weeks left until my due date!” she excitedly gushed.

The other announcement—which came with a collage of photos—was that the eight-month pregnant New Yorker is the latest cover girl for Fit Pregnancy magazine.

Flaunting her slightly smaller baby bump (she was only six months pregnant during the shoot) in the October-November issue, the star looks as gorgeous as ever in a slew of curve-flattering gowns and gold jewelry.

And who better than to model chic maternity wear than the woman who just last week shared her pregnancy style tips with the Wall Street Journal, right?

Inside the magazine, she goes on step further and even dished on her current diet:

“Every morning I’ll have either cottage cheese or Greek yogurt—I do full fat; I prefer the taste—with a bowl of blueberries or raspberries and cereal,” she says. “When I wake up, I have a glass of water with lemon. Before I was pregnant, all I drank was coffee, but now I drink a tremendous amount of water. I get anxiety if I go for 30 minutes without a glass of water near me!”

All that H2O isn’t the only reason she’s glowing in the photos. A relatively easy pregnancy is a major factor as well:

“I feel amazing. I’ve been fortunate so far with this pregnancy. Thankfully, I never experienced morning sickness, but I did get a wave of fatigue that started at week 15 and went through week 17. I can’t complain, because it dissipates so quickly, but waking up exhausted is not a fun feeling.”Image


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