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Rapper Captain Planet, a member of Hip-life group 4×4 is getting ready for a talk-of-the–town wedding with Uche Ofodile, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana, News-One has gathered.

Though the two have dated secretly for over two years, it was only three months ago (July 1) that Captain Planet, whose real name is Sylvanus Jeff Dodji, asked Uche’s hand in marriage and the Vodafone ‘big mama’ publicly agreed to the proposal.

Captain Planet was reported to have had a child with a certain Elizabeth Quarm who stays in Norway, but he is said to have sorted things out with her and therefore nothing stops him from going ahead with his marriage plans with Uche.

There are speculations that the musician and the Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer have already done the traditional marriage, but News One could not confirm this speculation.

What the paper can confirm is that Captain Planet and Uche are not just dating, but are about to march to the alter to solemnize a holy matrimony.

Until three months ago, the two never admitted they were seeing each other. However on July 1, during a birthday party put together for Uche, Captain Planet asked her a direct question: “will you marry me?” to which she responded, “Yes.”

There are also reports that Captain Planet and Uche have been seen together at several places doing what lovers do. Recently, a picture of the two cooling off in the United States went viral on social media.

Captain Planet even sang about his love for Uche in 4×4’s newly released song, ‘Anadwo Ye De’ and the musician proudly justified this when the question was asked him during a recent media interaction.

“I think I deserve some props for that because how many of my fellow musicians were able to come out and say yes I’m dating this person, or this is the person I want to be with? I don’t think there is any musician in Ghana right now because even those who are married when they ask them, they deny it. They want to run away but it takes a man to do that,” Captain Planet stated.

Captain Planet has also given Uche a diamond ring which she proudly displays on her finger almost everywhere she goes.

Uche Ofodile, by every standards, is a very beautiful lady with enough body on an enviable skin. She has distinguished herself as a professional lady of international repute.

Captain Planet, on the other hand, has for the past decade, proven his worth as one of the country’s most celebrated musicians. His group, 4×4, has remained consistent as a top class multiple award-winning music group worth writing home about.

We can only wish them a happy marriage full of love.

Source: News-One


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