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Can a twitter account go on a dissing spree . No? Unfortunately for Yvonne Nelson that what her account did on Thursday, October 10, 2013 as the said account called out a couple of Nigerian celebrities and basically called Nigerian celebs ‘Proud bastard’. Now, here comes the explanation according Yvonne Nelson her twitter account was hacked and she announced this via the same medium.


The Ghanaian actress took shots at former BBA winner Karen Igho and ‘her silicon breasts’ and rapper-turned-Pop singer Skales but Yvonne Nelson was quick to delete the tweets right after announcing ‘I’ve been hacked!’ Interestingly, her account also tweeted at popular blogger Linda Ikeji, saying ‘You’re next.’

Nelson who is currently in New York has however regained control of her account and tendered an apology;

‘To all those who’s names were mentioned….the insults were not from me…..my acc was compromised…sorry for any inconvenience….. Yn.’

She also had a word for the hackers; ‘Mr/Miss hacker….next time be bold and brave enough to use your own account to disrespect people…….very rude and inappropriate….yn*.’

However, Yvonne Nelson’s apology did not hold water in Karen Igho’s world as the latter feels Nelson is just seeking attention.

Karen fired back on Twitter; ‘What’s your name again? Who da beep cares! Maybe you should get your dried up boobs done and then musicians will stop dumping your boney ass! Attention seekers claiming their account was hacked! That’s a lame ass excuse for a publicity stunt! Grow up.’

It’s not the first time Yvonne Nelson has been accused of being a fame whore; a couple months back, she posted a supposed death threat she received via text but a large number of her fans felt she made it up.


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