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It seems to me that this is the most discussed topic among peers or black male female relationships today. But is this assertion true? Are black men afraid of successful women or is this merely an excuse many successful women pull or would like to live with? Well, I will like to believe that the former is true: indeed black men are afraid of successful women. Why? For some weeks, I have been thinking about this since I too am a very successful. it has not been easy getting me a man and I have been discussing my woes with a couple of my very close friends. However, I have also been doing some research on my own and what I am about to share is a little of what I have gathered. However, the question still stands why are black men afraid of successful women?

This is simple, African or black men are a proud group of species. They mostly like to be in control of things or would rather mentally think they run things even when they do not. (Truly, this has been so since antiquity). Many will agree with me that even if a woman brings home the bread the African man would never allow a woman to wear the trousers. No, no.     

I recently read a piece on the internet of the same topic “Are black men afraid of successful women?  by Dementia L. Lucas.  Although, the piece was a good read, I totally disagreed with Miss Lucas’ assertion on all levels.  In her piece she asserted that most black men( will-be Barack Obama types) would love to have successful women( could be Michelle Obama types) by their side any day but half the time these women find themselves consumed with work that they don’t see these men worthy of them.  Maybe this may be true of the men Miss Dementria meets in her parts of the world (the West) but never in our parts of the world (Africa).

 Realistically speaking, most African men if given the chance to choose between a successful woman and one who is not so success driven will obviously go in for the latter.

Why? Because most men (especially men I know) tend to think that successful women of today are self consumed (too full of themselves), proud and stuck up, PERIOD! Some men also hold the view that it is not the success that worries them but rather, it is the way success affects the personality that could be the problem for them.

I am not an authority on this topic, but really like I always say opinions are like noses and we are all entitled to them. So, I ask, do you hold the view that black men are intimidated by successful women like me or you think otherwise? What is your experience and take on this?





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