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Ahhh, the Walk of Shame. We’ve all been there. The romantic rendezvous is over, and the morning’s here. You’re slinking home in last night’s clothes, you’re hair’s not so cute, and the rising sun is really hurting your eyes. You’re desperately hoping that no one is around to bear witness to your disheveled state, but everyone knows you just had an unscheduled sleepover. Honestly, what’s so shameful about it? Isn’t it just the sign of a good night? We’re gonna go with yes! And so will these celebs. Let’s make it a Stride of Pride!


As painfully awkward as they are, the dreaded Walk of Shame happens to the best of us. Even movie stars and top tier musicians! But unlike us, these famous folks have photographers ready to pounce on their every move, documenting these not-so-glam morning-afters forevermore. At least they’re pretty good for a laugh, right? Head on up to the gallery above for 10 of our very favorites. Enjoy!

View gallery here :


[Photo: Splash News Online/Pacific Coast News/Getty Images]


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