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Today happens to be Kim K’S Birthday. Hooray!!!

MTV  just published on its site, special birthday ideas to Miss Kim. Want to know what makes the reality star tick , read below:

Happy Birthday, Kim K! You might think the reality starlet has it all at 33 years old — a new baby, a successful boyfriend, a hit TV show, but we realized Kim still has a few things missing in her life.

There’s only so much money can buy, and as we cheers to Kim’s big day, we offer some priceless gift ideas that might brighten it up.

Peace From The Paps
Kim K has always been hounded by the paparazzi — more so since she started dating Kanye West and gave birth to their baby North. Her frequent run-ins with the paps have been documented on her reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and while it can seem flattering to have someone try to jump your fence to take a picture of your baby, it can be scary. So, paps: give the birthday girl a break for the day, huh?

Although celebrity motherhood may seem glamorous, what you don’t hear about are the midnight wake-up calls, feeding sessions through the night, oh and the spit-up. We’re sure Kim is enjoying the company of baby Nori, but we’re sure she’d appreciate a good night of sleep much better, especially since she’ll be partying it up at her usual spot Tao in Las Vegas. Oh, wait, that’s the city that never sleeps. We might be doomed with this one.

A Yeezus-Sized Rock
The only thing greater than going out with Kanye West is being engaged to Kanye West! The recently divorced Kim is already the mother to his child, so we can’t imagine anything that might make this day more special than to make it official. Yeezus, are you listening?!

Hug From Dad
The Kardashian family’s love for their late father Robert Kardashian is evident on their show. They often reminisce about their time with him, the advice he imparted and his hopes for them, in a very positive way. Every year on his birthday, they go to his favorite Armenian restaurant to celebrate, and we know if Kim would want one thing today, it’d be a hug from her father, for both her and baby Nori.

Star On The Walk Of Fame
“There’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame.” At least that’s what Kanye West told Jimmy Kimmel recently. But, unfortunately, according to a spokesperson for the Walk and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Kim doesn’t qualify because she is a reality star, negating the fact that she is likely the most successful. It’d be nice if they made an exception, even if just for the day.

Another Baby
We know, her pregnancy with Nori was hard. Kim’s troubles were aired on “KUWTK,” including an airplane scare where she feared she miscarried to suffering immense pregnancy pains to eventually delivering North five weeks ahead of schedule. But from day one, Kim always spoke of having a large family. It’s inevitable that another bun will grow in her oven, but how fun would it be to announce it today?!

Nude Cover Shoot
Kim’s first big post-baby body picture has already gone viral and she could be gearing up to make an even bigger debut. On a recent episode of “KUWTK,” Kim revealed she wants her first official post-baby photo to be a nude magazine cover shot. C’mon, Hef! Make it happen.



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