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How can that be possible?Find out what Scientist say about every girl’s favorite body part, or is not?


According the Herald Sun,

Scientists from the University of Los Angeles have found breast tissue grows older more quickly than the rest of the female body, Science Daily reports.

And researchers found breast tissue was, on average, two to three years older than a woman’s known age.

That might explain more than you think.

Lead researcher Steve Horvath said the premature ageing of breast tissue might give reason to why it’s the most common cancer in women.

“It could be so prevalent because that part of the female body is older,” he said.


Your body has a naturally occurring 'biological clock' that scientists can now measure.

Your body has a naturally occurring ‘biological clock’ that scientists can now measure. Source: ThinkStock

In the research study, tissues from the human body were measured with a kind of ‘age predictor’ based on the body’s ageing process. In this study, tissues and cells taken from throughout the body were sampled for the presence of a naturally occurring chemical in our DNA called methylation.

Horvath charted how age affects DNA methylation levels from pre-birth to 101 years and found that different organs in the body age more quickly than other organs. Horvath compared the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, breasts and cartilage.

This ‘biological clock’ also ranked cancer tumour tissue as an average of 36 years older than healthy tissue, explaining why age is a major risk factor for cancer.

Horvath also added that if the biological clock controls the process that leads to ageing, it may “become an important biomarker for studying the new therapeutic approaches to keeping us young.”


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