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Interesting topic for today, sex texting ,now Keith tells us how do you keep your romance with actress Nicole Kidman aflame ?Men , can you please get some pens and papers or in this case get your phones, please

It’s not easy to keep the romance alive with when you’re miles apart, but Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman work hard at making their relationship strong despite their hectic schedules.

The country star and American Idol judge, appearing on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, happily reveals just how he and his wife of seven years stay in touch.

“We just make it work,” says Urban, 45, who is currently juggling touring with his Idol duties, while Kidman, 46, is shooting a movie in London. (The couple’s two kids, Sunday, 5, and Faith, 2, are in the U.K. with Kidman.)

“We never text, we never email,” he says. “Phone calls only, which I really love that.”

He then owns up to DeGeneres that he and Kidman occasionally send other messages.

“Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of, you know … a year, one of those kinds of texts, yes, one of those ones with the accompanying photo,” he says, referring to a red-carpet photo of the couple that’s on a screen behind him. “One of those kind of texts.”

“What kind of text? What do you mean?” DeGeneres asks.

“Nice sex texting,” the suddenly shy Aussie says, adding, “I’m a little red right now.”


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