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Yesterday, Ghanaian John Dumelo found himself at the wrong side of the law in New York when received a ticket from NYPD. The actor was said to be on a day’s fun ride on the streets of New York but found himself in an uncomfortable situation – minutes later. Dumelo who had parked his car at a location that violates traffic rules, was handed a spot fine for a parking violation offence by city officials. The actor immediately posted  the picture of the ticket on his facebook backed by these pained words “Just parked for a few mins and bam! Parking ticket d**m! Mscheeeeeew. New york city officials dont play #boysabr3,”




True, the boys in New York don’t play. In the city of New York, you can be charged for traffic violation by going through a red light or being filmed driving, parking or standing in a bus lane. You must respond to any ticket received within 30 days of the issue date by either paying or pleading not guilty and requesting a hearing. If you do not respond by the 30th day, a penalty of $10.00 will be added to parking fines and $25.00 to camera violations.Additional penalties will continue to be added until you respond or pay what you owe.Of course,  all payments must be in US currency so oyaa, John better go and pay up.At least there is a lesson to be learnt there, right.


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