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I have had a number of people ask me, why the need for this awards show. And I always answered in the affirmative, what would life be without radio and television and the people who make them come alive?Now ,wouldn’t life be boring. Sure it would be. So when a friend told me this award scheme was in the works three years ago,I lauded the idea right away. But what even saddens me the most is that, there have been countless personalities who go away unrewarded. What do we do for those you made our airwaves lively time and time. I can’t remember names but surely there were numerous of them. Unfortunately, some may be long gone but for the few living personalities out there, I say they need to be rewarded for a good work done.

However let me reiterate what I saw on enewsgh here,

Once again, the Radio and Television Personality Awards dubbed RTP Awards is here with us and the buzz for it is overwhelming on both radio and television.

Since its birth two years ago – 2011, many players in Ghana’s broadcasting circles have welcomed it and embraced it with all the attention and passion it requires. Having had its fair share of criticisms by some art polymaths, the organizers who did not take such criticisms personal but learnt from their mistakes, will be gracing our art calendar with another exciting, transparent and well to-be-organized edition of RTP Awards come December, 2013.

To prove critics, who perceive the award is one that is only meant for awarding broadcasters in Accra and Kumasi wrong, CEO of Big Events Ghana (organizers of the award) and Founder of RTP Awards Mr. Prince Mackay, together with his industrious team, met the press in August to address such unfounded criticisms.


Mr. Mackay, in his address, said “RTP Awards is not meant to celebrate broadcasters in Accra and Kumasi only as some critics are peddling. RTP Awards shall receive nominations from every radio and television station across the 10 regions of Ghana. We don’t discriminate. Nomination forms can be obtained from http://www.rtpawards.com.”

To prove their acceptance, respect and love for the radio and television awards, all radio and television stations across the length and breadth of Ghana have started a massive advertisement for the award scheme and their presenters. That shows the respect and the endorsement RTP Awards has received from the very people the award scheme seeks to celebrate.


Tune in to any radio and television station and within every 20 minutes, an ad about Radio and Television Personality Awards is played. While some of the stations have saved the RTP Awards ad voice- over to play automatically, others play it intermittently like commercials in between any program they air.

If the celebratee is willingly promoting the award and its nominees, what else can be said of RTP Award: “welcome to stay!” To text for one’s favourite radio or television personality, type RTP followed by the presenter’s name and text to 1446.

After texting, the most likely reply one should receive from the same short code reads: “Your entry has been received. Keep texting to let your favourite personality win.”

The award proper comes off on 5th December, 2013 at the Accra International Conference Center AICC at 7:00 pm. The headline artiste for the event is the evergreen Abrantie Amakye Dede and other artistes such as: Cecilia Marfo, Paapa Yankson, Tutulapatu, and Herty BornGreat.

To read more about RTP Awards, the team behind it, nomination criteria, previous editions, sponsors and other important details, log on to www.rtpawards.org.

RTP Awards 2013 is sponsored by MTN, Guinness Ghana, Castle Milk Stout, Altime Capital, Special Ice, SIC, Coca Cola, Air Ghana, Kasapreko, Binatone, DDP and Alisa Hotel.


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