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We have been one of many blogs which has been making so much noise about Ghanaian film director Leila Djansi new work ” the Northern Affair”. Unfortunately we have not been able to worm nothing but pictures from the camp of Leila. The award winning Ghanaian director is a little tight lipped on this one. But luckily, just two days ago, the team produced a little trailer, well let just a little teaser to wet the lips of movie connoisseurs.The movie stars John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas, Kofi Adjorlolo, Beverly Afaglo and others

The story tells the story of Esaba, a nurse played by Joselyn Dumas who is tring to get out of an abusive marriage with millionaire husband(Jon Germain). The trailer does not give away much but we are told that the team is saving the real deal for another day. Keep checking back for more updates

he story of the movie revolves around Esaba (being played by Joselyn Dumas) who is trying to get out of an abusive marriage to millionaire husband Marc (Jon Germain). – See more at:

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