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Stories like this really sicken me. The thought of human beings treating a fellow human being in such an inhumane manner just makes me sick. The fact that the person is a woman and a mother character even gets to me. Now, I am no women advocate but anyone born of a woman will share my sentiments.Surely this is certainly not the worse I have heard, there are even worst cases in the developing countries.However this does not make this act humanly sensible in any way.One can just imagine if this is happening in countries we call developed countries then imagine the very worse in less developed one. Now, I know you can eager to read the pathetic story so by all means read on:

According to a publication on Cosmopolitan yesterday

Social workers in Essex forced a pregnant Italian woman to undergo a Caesarean section and then took her child into care, it emerged yesterday.

The unnamed woman was in the UK on a work trip but reportedly suffered a serious mental breakdown, prompting Essex County Council to obtain a High Court order allowing social workers to arrange for the child’s birth. The woman had come to the UK to attend a Ryanair training course at Stansted airport when she suffered a panic attack, which her family believe was prompted by her failing to take her medication for bipolar disorder.

Despite the woman’s mother trying to explain this over the phone, the police were called and she was taken to a psychiatric facility. When the woman tried to leave, she was sectioned and five weeks later, the woman was sedated and the baby removed. Social workers are refusing to reunite the mother with her baby and the 15-month-old girl is now up for adoption.

The case has now become an international legal dispute with the woman’s lawyers in Rome saying that the council should have contacted her family and Italian social services staff.

Shami Chakrabarti from Human Rights organisation Liberty described the incident as “the stuff of nightmares” and John Hemming MP plans to raise it in Parliament this week, saying: “I think this has a fair chance of being the worst case of human-rights abuse I’ve ever seen. She wasn’t treated as a human being.” Essex County Council is says it does not comment ongoing cases involving vulnerable people and children.


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