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Although the Mandela Biopic ” Long Walk to Freedom has miraculously found its way to the box Office, there has been a surprising slip this week after it release.

The Nelson Mandela biopic from the Weinstein Company released last weekend was thrust into a strange spotlight when its subject died on Thursday. The movie premiere attracted the likes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The New York Times called Mandela’s death at 95 “an assist” for the film, while Harvey Weinstein himself spoke, reportedly through tears, to The Wrap and insisted, “There are no opportunities. I’m just going to respect the will of the family through Zindzi Mandela.”

Resisting any impulse to expand the film wider, the Weinstein Company kept Mandela in just four theaters in New York and Los Angeles and saw the box office drop by 8%. On one hand, that’s a small drop for a film in its second week; on the other, there will probably never be another period in which so many people will be interested in Nelson Mandela biopic. So why the drop at all? The studio plans to release the film nationally on Christmas Day—opposite their own August: Osage County and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, among other tough competition—but watch this space to see if those plans change.


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