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I can relate to this article so well. Why can’t I shake off my bias against the vertically challenged man? it is a long list of reasons. But here is what glamour publicist. Gena Kaufman wrote about our biases. Do you think you she hit the nail on it head. Read her article. Interesting

or all my very firm beliefs that dating in NYC is harder for women, here’s a stat that will make you cringe for men, or at least some of them: In Manhattan, a guy who is under 5’9″ has only a 1.2 percent chance of getting contacted after being viewed, according to dating site AYI.com. One point two! That’s even worse than the 2.9 percent chance that a “curvy” girl will get liked, which made me mentally barf a few weeks ago.


Different heights; both hotties.


Why so harsh to the not-so-vertically-inclined, New York ladies? And likely, ladies all over the country, although shorter guys do have much better odds in New Jersey, where they have a 7.6 percent of being contacted. Being totally guilty of writing off guys of a certain height myself, even while knowing it’s pretty stupid, I thought we should address the reasons we’re biased against short guys, and debunk the reasoning behind them.


Reason 1: Well, he has to be at least taller than me.
Rebuttal: OK, we’ll discuss why this isn’t actually necessary next. But assuming for now it is, the average American woman is about 5’4.” A guy who’s 5’8″ and only has that 1.2 percent chance of you messaging him? He’s at least a good four inches taller than a bunch of us. (I’m an inch shorter than average, so I should definitely get over it.)


Reason 2: He has to be tall so I feel small and feminine.
Rebuttal: OK, here’s my biggest hangup. Ugh, most guys have such skinny legs and I just don’t, so I feel like I need them to measure up in another way. But geez, do I also think he should make more money than me and that I’m responsible for cooking all his meals? Way to cling to outdated notions, self!


Reason 3: If he isn’t taller than me, we’ll look funny together.
Rebuttal: To whom? Maybe if you’re like, more than a foot taller, you’ll look at little odd, but that would go for the gender-reversed couple too. Even so, if someone makes you happy, do you really care what other people think about how you look together?


Reason 4: We’re evolutionarily conditioned towards tall men because it’s a sign of strength.
Rebuttal: Uh huh. I’ll tell you how I feel when men use their “biological inclined to spread their seed” as an excuse for being shady or unfaithful. NOT GOOD. How about some brain evolution, people?


Reason 5: My ex-boyfriend was really proud of his height, and I want him to be jealous of the other guys I date.
Rebuttal: This reason is too ridiculous to even need to debunk, but I just wanted to admit out on paper to all of you guys that I’ve thought it. It’s the first step in getting help.


Do you give shorter guys a chance? Or are you totally height-ist?

Seriously, go for that under 5’9″-er:


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