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This is one interesting publication I found on the net, Although I am a fan of the secret agent , James Brown I have never thought of this before. However, for those of you critical followers of the James Brown Franchise who have ever wondered why he takes his cocktails shaken and not stirred. Here is why?

According to scientists, the best way to make the vodka martini is to mix well the ingredients with the help of a wooden spoon. The wooden spoon mixes the ingredients efficiently without increasing the temperature of the drink. When one uses metal stirrer, the temperature of the drink increases.

James Bond is the world’s most sophisticated martini drinker. He used to order his cocktail `shaken, not stirred’.

As per a trio of British medical researchers, the reason behind this is that the heavy-drinker 007 was most likely suffered from an alcohol-induced tremor, which forced him to shake his martinis.

007 was the British Secret Intelligence Service agent with a license to kill. In reality, they argue that he drank so much alcohol that it was sure that he will die. The researchers report in the British Medical Journal’s Christmas issue that the vodka martinis should be stirred and not shaken.

The researchers studied the notes related to Bond’s activities thoroughly, including his drinking. They studied drink recipes on Wikipedia to find out the constituents in each of his cocktails.

The British National Health Service advises men not to drink more than 168 grams of alcohol per week, with not more than 32 grams of the same on a single day and there should be at least two days in a week that are alcohol-free.


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