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Aw, aw Nadia Buari has come out once again to say she is not engaged to Jim Iyke. Though she wears what seems like an engagement she says she bought the ring herself.The actress said this in response to the media hullaballoo about a ring she wore to the press release of her movie ” The Diary of Imogen Brown”

“I’m not engaged; I bought the ring myself”,

Since Miss Buari and Nollywood ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke developed a certain bond, the pair have been inseparable. They both been captured in very uncompromising poses together far too may times by the media.

Although they have vehemently denied any love relationship brewing between them, the Nollywood actor recently took her on a five-city European tour for her 31st birthday.

The rumours that the two are in a relationship gained currency when it was reported that Jim might have popped the all important “Will you marry me,” question to Nadia with an engagement ring.

Reacting to the rumours in an interview with, Nadia dispelled the rumour saying the media are always too hungry for news and sometimes in their bid to find news make up things that are not really there.

Stretching her beautiful, delicate fingers to show some rings, she said, “When you look at these rings, I think there are three of the same kind of ring so is this an engagement ring? I think you guys want to make a story out of nothing.”

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