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President Obama and Daughters

President Obama opened up about raising two daughters and his fears about them dating one day in an interview with Steve Harvey that aired on Friday, .

The President revealed that he is not worried and that both Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, are “very sensible” young women, so that eases his mind some. Oh, and the perks of his job as President of the United States don’t hurt either, he quipped.

“I’ve got men with guns following them around all the time,” Obama joked, referring to the Secret Service detail that is with his family all the time. “This is the main reason I ran for re-election. You know I’m going to have them covered for most of high school.”
Ultimately Obama said, he just worries about “getting in the way of the girls having a normal life.” He revealed that his best defense is helping them make smart decisions when it comes to dating.

“What I’ve told them before is, as long as that young man is showing you respect, and is kind to you, then I’m not going to be hovering over every second,” he told Harvey.


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