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Rihanna uploaded one of her trademark mysterious posts on Dec. 28 that has us wondering if she was dissing her ex or revealing her undying love for him.

The message wasn’t a long one , but the few words she posted to Instagram spoke volumes. Her photo said, “Some people will better your life by being in it, while others will better it by staying out.”

Very interesting! So the question is: Which side does Chris fall on?

On one hand, Rihanna spent years with Chris by her side, and even though their relationship seemed toxic to the outside observer, the singer seemed to gain happiness just by being with Chris. Then again, she hasn’t been with Chris for over seven months now, and she may be realizing that her key to being happy is staying away from Chris.

A source close to the singer said the unapologetic singer is ready to start dating after news broke that her ex Matt Kemp was seeing Khloe Kardashian.

So what do you think about the message, is RiRi missing or dissing Chris?


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