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Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell are preparing to debut season 3 of their We tv reality show, Mary Mary, as well as embark on solo career ventures.

Months earlier Erica had received backlash in the media after posting a promotional photo taken for her upcoming March 25 solo debut LP entitled, Help‘.

Erica opened up about her stance on being a sexy Christian in an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon.

“I feel good in the skin I’m in. I just didn’t think that dress was going to be that big of a deal. I felt like I looked good. I have three children. I have worked out and I wanted to wear a pretty white dress on a pretty white background with my long straight black hair,” Erica said.


“Sexy is not a bad word. God created sex it’s all a part of who I am from the beginning of time until now, so I don’t get the big deal. If an R&B artist or an actress wore that they would go, ‘oh she looks so conservative,’ but because I sing gospel people are uncomfortable with that.”

Erica believes Christians shouldn’t be afraid to embrace their sexuality, especially when married.

“Christianity and sexuality… I’m actually starting a really big conversation about that in a very honest way that I believe would only educate us and make everybody feel more comfortable, and a I’m sure make a lot of married people in the Christian body much happier and a little more liberated.”


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