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Ke$ha 26, has never been afraid to show a little skin — but her new video for “Dirty Love” takes things a step or ten further. The singer’s directorial debut is a dirty, delightful raunch-fest that features the most questionable pair of underwear we’ve ever seen. Check it out below!



When it comes to “Dirty Love,” everyone will undoubtedly focus on the stripping and barely-there lingerie, which shows off Ke$ha’s perfectly toned butt as she writhes around the floor, desperate for some old-fashioned dirty love. However, despite the grinding and the self-pleasure and the champagne spitting (a crime!), “Dirty Love” is actually a really fun video. Unlike Miley’s “Adore You” — which is similarly raunchy, but for no good reason besides shock value — “Dirty Love” is fun, and paints a solid portrait of the ferocious desire Ke$ha is feeling for her (unseen) crush.


Also, the girl can really dance! The video relies on sex appeal, yes, but it’s thematically appropriate for the song, and used in a way that empowers Ke$ha. The lady just wants some “love” and she isn’t afraid to express that, or expose an animalistic, not-so-ladylike side of female sexuality. We dig it!

Source: Hollywoodlife


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