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Jelena is back! Justin Bieber, 19, and Selena Gomez, 21, were spotted together on Segways on Jan. 2, and now they are passionate again. However social media is clogged with a lot of fan brouhaha. One  person who would not be in the slightest bit  happy about this little reunion is Taylor Swift.Of course that is a natural reaction especially when you are the overly protective BFF

But  We love Taylena as best friends don’t we. A source close to Taylor says that Selena’s reunion with Justin will cause friction between the two besties.


“Once Taylor finds out that Selena is hanging out with Justin she will be very mad,” the source says. “This is exactly what Selena has told Taylor all along that she would not do, and now that she has, [it] will show Taylor that she can’t trust Selena.”


Sounds like there may be trouble in paradise if Jelena continue to hang out. But we sure hope not — Selena still having feelings for Justin doesn’t mean she can’t love Taylor with all her heart!




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