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Mary Cybulski / Paramount Pictures / AP

This film image released by Paramount Pictures shows Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street


Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street has set the all-time record for most f-bombs dropped in a R-rated film. The f-word is uttered 506 times in the movie, Variety reports.

Think that’s too many f#$*s? Then you should stay away from Jordan Belfort’s memoir upon which the movie is based. Belfort uses the f-word 737 times in his book.

Scorcese is no stranger to cussing. Some of the director’s previous films also fall on the short-list for most f-bombs: Casino has 422, and Goodfellas has 300. But until this year, Spike Lee topped Scorcese, holding the record for most f-bombs in a film with 435 instances in Summer of Sam.

It’s no surprise Wolf set a new record since the movie is all about excess: excessive hookers, excessive drug use and, of course, excessive swearing. (It’s also excessively long, clocking in at three hours.)

Now we’re just wondering whether it also won the title for most uses of Quaaludes in a single film.



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