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We all love some twitter drama especially some Yvonne Nelson drama on twitter.

Just  yesterday, blogger Linda Ikeji published a post that Yvonne Nelson will be featuring her ex boyfriend Iyanya in a new movie ‘The Ransom’.

According to Yvonne Nelson the publication was bluntly false!  And later resulted in a fight between her and the Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji. The two exchanged words on twitter for an  awful long while.

According to the Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, Yvonne Nelson’s team sent her the story for publication and that she didn’t create it out of the moon. Read their tweets below:

Yvonne: Hi @lindaikeji pls be accurate with stories involving my name. Thank you

Linda: @yvonnenelsongh You and Iyanya are not set to star in a movie called The Ransom? What’s inaccurate about that? It’s not ur movie I hear..

Linda: @yvonnenelsongh Just found out its not actually ur movie but Elvis Chuks movie. Anything to stay in the news, right? Lol. At ur service..

Yvonne: OMG @lindaikeji you changed your previous story right?? I’m sure you feel bad about it. Get it right next time. Good you edited it.

Linda: @yvonnenelsongh no darling I didn’t write something false. U and ur people sent me half-truths. When I found out the truth, I edited it.

Yvonne: The story and tries to get approval from readers. Now claim my team n myself sends stories? I don’t have your phone number etc..I don’t have

Yvonne: A team. I have family and crew members I work on projects with.this is really childish. The world saw your story so stop it. It’s a new year

Linda: @yvonnenelsongh I’m kinda annoyed that I let you use me, but trust me, it will never happen again…you can keep talking. I’m done!

All we can say is guys chill!


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