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These days it looks like actor John Dumelo does not only have his eyes on the prize but also he has developed a strong sense for business in the showbiz. The actor revealed in some many words that he has plans to tap into the African film industry.One of the most recurring plans of all is, joining the tall list of West-African stars shooting their own movies.

In an interview he granted one publication, he stated that he has plans of producing his own movies this year, under his production house named ‘John Dumelo Studios.’ He disclosed that directing and producing good films is not an easy thing so people should not just rush into making films simply because others are doing so.

He is currently paying more premium on pre-production level, together before he think of shooting his movie; something most Ghanaian filmmakers take for granted. He added “all this while, I’ve been putting lots of things in place in other to move into full flight, so this year, I shall be producing 4 movies under my own production.”

“It’s not just about shooting but the fact that one need to get the right script, right logistics, right environment , locations, cast, etc. and all this should be accurately done at pre-production before one thinks of going on set to shoot” John gave to understanding.

As to whether John Dumelo would be directing his own movies, as Van Vicker does with his own movies, he stated that he’s not psychologically ready to direct his own films because directing takes lots of work.

As one character who believes in confronting his fears other than running away from them, John is taking directing classes at his own film school in order to equip himself with the needed skills and know-how to direct movies.



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