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Justin Bieber‘s security guards have been fired for voicing concern over the pop star’s behavior.

Details from RadarOnline  states that one bodyguard in particular, Dustin Folkes, used to travel the world with Bieber and keep overzealous teenage fans at bay and make sure pals of the Canadian singer didn’t get out of control during parties at his Calabasas, Calif. home, but was fired by management for getting too involved.

An insider revealed “Dustin got into an argument with Justin’s manager Scooter about trying to help with Justin’s behavior,”

“Dustin and his company were let go from Justin’s security detail for trying to intervene.

“Dustin’s company used to watch over Bieber’s house 24/7 in 12 hour shifts to make sure his idiot friends stayed in line and chaos did not ensue.

“Without security that actually cares about Bieber’s well-being, things are getting out of control at the house.”




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