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Kim Kardashian arriving in to London Heathrow Terminal 5 this morning

Looks Kimye are heading for that altar very soon!

The Hollywood power couple are at the moment getting some business done separately( as photos suggests) but are rapidly getting things ready for the big day.As you can see Miss Kimmy looks very chic in an all black everything outfit with a thick coat, some black pants, matching boots, and some shades to hide from the paps.


Kim Kardashian makes a low key entrance at LAX


Kimmy must have been missing her fiance who she was most likely going to meet with, since she was gushing over him during her recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres.


During the sit-down chat, Ellen got Kim to reveal some major wedding details, such as the fact that it will be during the summer.Kim Kardashian makes a low key entrance at LAX


Apparently, there’s no set date, but it’s a definite go for the summer…and even overseas!


She told Ellen:


‘We honestly haven’t picked a date yet,’ she said.  ‘We said that when we were on our trip skiing this New Year’s that we were going to pick the date and the location, and that still hasn’t happened.

‘We know we want it in the summer time but we just, we’ve got to figure that out.’


She also revealed her thoughts during his big proposal a few months ago:


‘That was probably one of the only times I’ve been surprised. I usually know everything and I was actually so shocked that he kept that a secret from me. And it was such a good secret,’ she revealed. ‘But he’s also so passionate about birthdays. That’s his thing.’

‘I truly didn’t know it was happening until he got down on one knee,’


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