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Oh not again, it looks like the Princess Diana case will never go away.For years now people have accepted the fact the Princess Diana was killed in an auto accident but for many others the allusion that the Princess was murdered goes on.

According to the wife of a British SAS troop Soldier N  identified by the name of Sarah  the PRINCESS Diana‘s murder is the “SAS’s big secret”

The said Sarah recently went  public about her husband’s admissions about an alleged conspiracy to murder Princess Diana  that was executed to success.

She claims that in 2012, a SAS officer gave her an undisclosed sum of cash in a brown envelope with the instruction to be “keep quiet about Diana.

“The strange thing was that at no time during this meeting did the officers mention what my ex-husband had said about the SAS being involved in Princess Diana’s death,” the woman said.

Sarah said the envelope contained £500 — more than $800 in U.S. currency.

“I had never been handed [that much money] before and told to keep quiet about the payment and what it was for. They wanted me to keep quiet about Diana and SAS operations,” Sarah said. “But I couldn’t stay silent about something so serious. The payment was deeply suspicious and made me very uncomfortable.

“The threatening and sinister way that the SAS dealt with me, made what my husband had said about the regiment’s role in Diana’s death all the more believable.”

The most jarring meeting with the SAS, Sarah said, was when an officer told her in June 2012 that if she spoke publicly about the Diana issue, she “might have cause to worry about my safety and my children’s safety” and could “end up dead like the Woolwich soldier,” referring to a slain British soldier named Lee Rigby.

The woman says her husband told her the princess was clandestinely assassinated in the Aug. 1997 auto accident in Paris, after a special forces team blinded the car’s driver, Henri Paul, with a searing laser.

“I’m convinced that this operation is the SAS’s big secret,” she said.



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