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According to Radar on line, top wedding designer Vera Wang was slapped with a surprise subpoena asking her to sit for a deposition! Report says she  filed documents begging a judge to let her off so that she can continue to focus on churning out wedding confections for celebs and normal ladies alike.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Wang filed a motion in NY court on February 3 asking a judge to quash a subpoena request that was served to her by Simone Kelly-Brown of Own Your Power Communications, who is suing Oprah over Winfrey’s use of the term “Own Your Power” at a 2010 event.

Read the Documents

Wang admitted that she did attend the said event on September 16, 2010, at NYC’s Hearst Tower.But she  insisted she knows nothing.

It was also reported that  Wang asked the judge to let her skip the requested deposition so she can focus on her upcoming show. She was quoted to have said that the deposition was going to disrupt  her Fashion Runway Show and her hectic schedule




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