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Matteo Renzi has been sworn in as Italy’s youngest premier,inheriting an enviable position in a country that struggling from crippling debts since World War II .



Newly appointed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, right, rings a silver bell to signify the start of his first cabinet meeting, next to his predecessor Enrico Letta, at Chigi Palace in Rome. (Tony Gentile/Reuters)





The centre-left former Florence mayor, 39,  has chosen a cabinet half made up of women, and most of its members are low-profile figures unlikely to challenge his control of government, Reuters reports.

Renzi, was not popularly elected and is the third prime minister in succession to be appointed without a mandate from voters, which could limit his ability to push through reform.


Renzi announced ambitious plans to overhaul Italy’s electoral and constitutional system to give the country more stable governments, and to reform the country’s tax and labor systems. The question that still holds is, Can the youngest Premiere deliver?


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