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Despite the fact that Majid Michel is a handsome actor, the award-winning actor disclosed in interview he granted Ayo Falafala . In the interview he reveals his complexion has great impact on the kind of movies he features in. He also talked about his nomination at the AMVCA and more in the interview.

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Majid Michel is a versatile actor who has in the space of about 5 years, become a household name across Africa.

We caught up with the Ghana born actor recently and got him to chat about his two AMVCA nominations and what they mean to him.

How has the new year been?
2014 started really hectic. I’ve shot four movies in Nigeria already. I’m working on one right now and I have a few more to go. Really good films with great actors like O.C Ukeje, Osas, Kenneth Okoli, Desmond Eliot. So 2014 started on a good note.

Can you tell us more about the movies?
The titles will definitely change. The one I’m currently on with O.C Ukeje is titled The Department. It is really good. It’s an action flick mixed with a love story. There’s another one called Liar Liar. These titles may change when the movies come out eventually.

How do you feel about your AMVCA nominations?
It’s incredible to have two nominations. I don’t really care about winning; I’m not looking forward to anything like a grand prize, I’m just really okay to be nominated. For an award night, I just look forward to an entertaining show. I’m going to be there on the 8th of March and I just want to have fun and enjoy myself.

So what do the nominations mean to you?

The nomination means I’m being recognised. I’m being seen for a good job done and it just motivates me to do more good jobs. I wish I get nominated every year; I’m not talking about winning but to just get nominations every year for me to know that I’m making an impact in the industry and in the movie world. I love that!

Roles in the movies you got nominated for
I got a nomination for Somewhere in Africa and I got a nomination for House of Gold. House of Gold is a comedy and Somewhere in Africa is a military film. Two different movies completely. It’s incredible I got nominated for Somewhere in Africa and House of Gold.


I can’t find a reason they chose me for those films because they have very diverse settings in Africa. I played a completely different role in House of Gold; both together made it a blast.

In Somewhere in Africa, I played two different roles which gave me that potent power to withstand the competition. I played a darker complexioned guy as an Army General and tyrant and I played my fairer complexion guy as a journalist. I played two different people who are not related in any way. They are not like brothers or twins but two different people in one film which I really loved because I tried to change my accent to a completely different person.  I tried to distinguish both roles and I think it worked at the end. So, if you haven’t seen it, go and check it out.

In House of Gold I played a pilot, the first born of a big family whose dad called the brothers and sisters to come together because he was going to die. A lot of drama unfolds in the house. That’s an incredible comedy as well.

Does your complexion impact the scripts you get?
It’s really difficult to have my complexion and breakthrough in some markets, some stories and scripts. It’s limiting sometimes, because sometimes I’ll have to go through the transformation of darkening my skin which sometimes is very challenging.

I really don’t like it sometimes especially for certain scripts where I can’t make it because of my skin tone. I’m light in complexion and there are situations where a script calls for a particular character which I like but I can’t play it. I’d now have to go through a form of transformation to play the role.

Favorite DStv program
Before I go to sleep every night, I just leave it on AfricaMagic to see what my colleagues in the industry are doing; to have an up-to-date record of what is going on in the industry.

Favorite DStv channel
I love the action movie channels.

One last question…which football club do you support?

I really don’t care who wins a football match or who doesn’t {laughter}.


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