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A 29 year old  community worker ,Rabelani Ramali (pictured right), from the rural Limpopo province in South African has  just launched a contest in the country where girls who are virgins at 35 and below would be rewarded with R100,000 or less plus medals; gold, silver or bronze, depending on their ages.

Rabelani who has fathered five children by four women out of wedlock, says he decided to come up with this idea to help checkmate the rate of unwanted pregnancies and HIV cases amongst south African women. He said his NGO, SA Virgin Girls Awards, which was registered in November 2013, is set to take on this task as he has recruited 31 volunteer workers who would help disburse forms among women in schools, market, churches and other places.


Rabelani said he has contacted local medical doctors who have agreed to help him carry out the virginity test on the girls who would come forward to get tested.

R100,000 would be given to virgins between the ages of 31 and 35, R50,000 for those aged 26 to 30 and R25000 for those aged 21 to 25. He expects donors to make the prize money available to the winning contestants.


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