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According to EyeWitness News, the ministers — who include the Minister of Police, Minister of Defence and the Minister in State Security — say some of the findings and recommendations made by Madonsela are “irrational” and in some cases, contradictory.

As a result, it would be difficult to implement some of the recommendations and thus seek clarity from the court.

In April, the ministers — who conducted their own investigation into the so-called security upgrades — released a statement saying they sought clarity about aspect of Madonsela’s report.

“We have sought clarity on some areas which we believe are confusing and became evident in our detailed reading of the report,” reads the statement. “The next step is for the office of the Public Protector to respond, after which we will be able to make a more informed decision on the way forward.”

The ministers were also involved in a court battle with Madonsela to prevent the release of her report.

In March, Madonsela found that Zuma and his family had unduly benefited from the R246-million upgrades made to his private Nkandla home.

“It is common cause that in the name of security, government built for the president and his family in his private [home], a visitors centre, cattle kraal and chicken run, swimming pool, and amphitheatre among others,” she said at the time. “The president and his family clearly benefited from this.”

Source: EyeWitness News


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