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Hollywood is set to make some cash from the world cup drama between Ghanaian officials and the team players. According to the  Wrap, award-winning writer Darryl Wharton-Rigby , is now attached to direct a thriller centered on the intriguing story of Ghana’s World Cup cash.

Whatrton-Rigby’s screenplay will center on the courier whose job is to fly the $3 million to Brazil in an effort to stop the Ghanaian football team from quitting the World Cup contest, as an act of protest against what they feel is under-payment. The money is stolen (in the script, not in real-life) after the courier is ambushed. He then has less than a day to recover the stash of cash.

“The world has soccer fever and Hollywood has caught it,” said Wharton-Rigby. Indeed. In fact, I’m surprised that there haven’t been even more soccer-related films put into production, given how *safe* Hollywood studios tend to be when it comes to what projects deserve to be made.

The screenplay has been optioned by US production company Bugeater. Founders Dan Mirvish and Barry Hennessey will produce the film.

Hennessy, an Emmy winner for reality TV show “The Amazing Race,” told the Wrap: “I’ve shot extensively in both Ghana and Brazil, and this is a perfect project to capture the raw energy that both countries have to offer.”


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