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'Rogue by Rihanna' Launch At Sephora Champs Elysees International Flagship Store

Rihanna has become the youngest star to make Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities list .The Bajan singer moved five places to eighth.  At 26, she is the youngest in the top ten and the second singer ranked in the top ten.

Forbes has listed her as the eighth-most powerful celebrity on their annual list which takes a look at not only the cash that a celeb is making but also their social media presence, press presence and an impact score to measure the influence of the celebrity in the entertainment industry and pop culture.

In the past year, Rihanna has banked a total of R511 million, an increase of R78 million from 2013. She is one of the world’s best-selling artists, selling 50 million albums and 180 million singles, according to Rihanna Daily.
Her Diamonds World Tour was one of the world’s best selling tours and she is also the youngest singer to achieve 12 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Riri fronts campaigns for MAC Cosmetics and has her own fashion label, Rihanna for River Island.
One of the most decorated artists of our time – Rihanna has won seven Grammys amongst countless other other awards, and was the youngest singer to receive the American Music Icon Award.
Riri’s success comes despite her declaring bankruptcy in 2009. This was a consequence of an accounting firm mishandling her financial affairs. The company failed to tell her she was losing a large amount of money on her Last Girl On Earth tour and advised her to buy a R70-million mansion when she only had about R110 million in her bank accounts.
Since then, the pop muso has recovered, going on to multiply her bank account with her many ventures.
See Forbes top ten list below.
1. Beyoncé Knowles – R1,2 billion
2. LeBron James – R766 million
3. Dr. Dre – R6,5 billion
4. Oprah Winfrey – R872 million
5. Ellen DeGeneres – R745 million
6. Jay Z – R638 million
7. Floyd Mayweather – R1,1 billion
8. Rihanna – R511 million
9. Katy Perry – R425 million
10. Robert Downey Jr – R798 million


SOURCE: Forbes, Rihanna Daily


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