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Hey y’all. Haute Spott is 1 year today and we are very delighted to have been part of your lives this past year. It s been a wonderful experience of bringing  you the good , the bad and sometimes the ugly stuff. And sometimes even though we ve gotten into some of your bad books, we managed to make that up with some cool news as well.


We must confess the first year has been rough. We ve had to jump hurdles as high as Everest but  we intend to stay on track and do just what we enjoy doing. Of course ,nothing would sway us off our course. And just as Diana Ross would sing ” Aint no mountain High Enough”, there aint no mountain High to stop us now.


We know it has been a while now but we are turning on a new page of  this book as there’s  more  news, more celebrity gossip and more fun stuff right on the Hautest (Hottest) place on earth.  So before we take off we guess it is time to strap on your seat belt while we take you on this roller coaster ride. Just remember, we always have you on our minds.


Haute Spott Team


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