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Nigerian football legend Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha, threw a lavish 40th birthday party for his wife of 16 years, Nkechi Okocha on Friday October 25th at Civic Centre in Lagos. Maestromedia reports that Okocha gave his wife a brand new White Mercedez Benz G-Wagon SUV as birthday present. Nkechi was said to have gone down on her knees to thank her husband for all his love and support in front of the party guests. Happy belated birthday to her!



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Africa’s Fashion showpiece THE Glitz AFRICA FASHION WEEK returns for the 2nd time with even more panache – 50 runway shows, insightful seminars, exhibitions, parties happening with over 70 international models, top Pan-African designers, fashionistas who will showcase hundreds creative fashion trends.

There will be Musical performance from Jon Germaine, Okyeame Kwame, Gina West, and many others.


Check out the event schedule below:

6th – Private opening cocktail party – Alisa hotel

7th – 9th November – runway shows, seminars, fashion exhibition, themed after parties, VIP style lounge, Samsung media lounge (at AICC)

10th November 2013 – runway designers pop up shops – Alisa hotel

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week is presented by GLITZ AFRICA MAGAZINE and proudly sponsor by Samsung, Amarula, Vlisco, Alisa Hotel, Oak plaza hotel, Blacksecret make up and MVP. Log on


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Kerry Washington, like her Scandal alter ego Olivia Pope, sure knows how to keep a secret. The 36-year-old actress, who married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in a super covert ceremony in June, has yet another surprise on the way — a baby! As the new issue of Us Weekly exclusively reveals, the Scandal star is pregnant with her first child.

“She’s about four months along,” a pal tells Us of Washington. (Thus far, the mom-to-be has kept any hint of a baby bump concealed under roomy dresses.) 

This will be the first child for the Emmy-nominated beauty, who married San Francisco 49ers cornerback Asomugha on June 24 in Hailey, Idaho. According to reports, the couple first started dating in the summer of 2012; Washington was previously engaged to actor David Moscow

Asked about her top-secret wedding in an interview with Glamour magazine in September, the Django Unchained actress said she had “learned through experience” that talking about her personal life just “doesn’t work” for her.

“I’ve had earlier times in my career when I did talk about it,” she explained. “But I couldn’t just turn around and say, ‘I only want to talk about the good stuff, but not the bad stuff.’ So I just thought, ‘Okay, no more.'”

That said, Washington isn’t trying to dupe anyone. “I’m walking around in the world with my ring. And when people say congratulations, I say thank you,” she said. “But I’m going to continue to not talk about it and just let it unfold.”



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He is one of the few good talents in Ghana today, releasing hits after hits. Kesse ‘s vocal dexterity in this new song is undoubtedly one of the best so far.
Now, we understand why his name is Kesse, because this chap is one made for greatness.
‘Two Eyes is off the debut album, “OBIBA”. Please press play to watch his latest video.


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Synopsis: FORGETTING JUNE tells the story of a young happily married couple who are madly in love experience the unthinkable! The wife goes on a trip and is involved in a terrible accident. She thrown from the car and loses her memory. The husband is extremely distraught but some years later finds love in the arms of another, only for the wife regain her memory and come back home!


Parts/Divisions: The movie ‘Forgetting June’ has only one part: Forgetting June part 1


Memorable Lines/Scenes: “Be a man?” “What does that mean? Men don’t grieve??”


Cast: Majid Michel, Beverly Naya, Mbong Amata, Biola Segun Williams, Ben Touitou, Chuks Chukwujekwu




All vacuous space filled with pretty faces, unoriginal dialogues, and recycled storylines





I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee for excellence and entertainment. I was wrong. This is no indictment on him as an […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee for excellence and entertainment. I was wrong.


This is no indictment on him as an actor (because I know actors too must chop one way or the other). The fact is that no matter how well Majid acted in this movie, his performance alone cannot elevate it from the subpar concoction of  unoriginal ideas that it is to a marvelous piece of art. The fact is that much of Nollywood is simply selling pretty faces because much of Nollywood is still buying movies for faces (and note that the word ‘much’ connotes only a section).


The movie ‘Forgetting June’ tells the story of a supposedly lovely couple with a love made for the ages, played by Majid and Mbong. The role requires them to be cute, lovable, adorable, it requires the audience to fall in love with them so that when tragedy eventually strikes, as is inevitable with a title like Forgetting June, the audience feels sympathy for them. That was the ideal, in reality however, I couldn’t wait for the inevitable to happen. In fact, I was kind of counting down the minutes until Mbong Amata’s character left the scene.


And again this is not an indictment on the character as it was originally imagined, but by the performance that Ms. Amata was giving. It was so bad that I was ready for her character to be killed off being fully aware that considering the cast line-up (plus the lack of originality of the script writers) she would be replaced with Mbong Amata. I never thought the day would come that I would be looking forward to seeing Ms. Naya in continous screen time.


The beautiful thing about realizing that fresh pepper is actually worse than tatasi (red bell pepper), is that you begin to think of ways in which tatasi could improve. In reality, maybe Ms. Naya’s acting would be more tolerable if she’d act with her body instead of just standing there and making gestures.


Asides from the fact that the movie follows a generally predictable path and uses actresses that are incapable of soliciting emotions from the audience, it also does quite a terrible job with music. The music in the movie at times seems like it is just overlaid as opposed to being integrated into the movie. Therefore scenes that required the right music to bring out emotions were either empty or had the wrong type of music playing over.


The cinematography is generally weak but even worse than that are the dialogues. Not only am I tired of seeing the same old movie over and over again every year with different actors, I’m also tired of listening to the same lines over and over again. The beautiful thing about words is you can say the same thing in a million ways, so please to crafting because there are more ways to toast a babe than the way it was done in “Nneka the Pretty Serpent”.


One thing that kept me going after the first 5 minutes when I eventually accepted that this movie would be a tremendous waste of time was getting my first glimpse of Blossom Chuks. Unfortunately however, even after watching the entire thing I’m still back to square one. He plays a very minimal role in this movie unfortunately, and even at that… well, he needs to put on more fabric for us to be able to concentrate on his performance lol (I guess, I’ll just have to wait until I see ‘flower girl’).


There was a comment under this movie on that describes this movie perfectly in one expression. And having sat through the entire one hour and forty something minutes of this vacuous space called a movie, I am going to have to employ the same sentiments. Therefore, “mschew”.Forgetting June, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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It’s no surprise that social media is used as a digital—private or public—diary. Airing out frustrations provides a much-needed escape in 140 characters or a photo essay. Everything’s not always peachy. It turns interesting when entertainers show us they’re human, too. Check out 8 stars who took to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to tell us how they really felt.


Who: Donald Glover
Year: 2013
What He Said: “I got really lost last year. But I can’t be lonely tho. Cause we’re all here. We’re all stuck here. I wanted to make something that says, no matter how bad you fuck up, or mistakes you’ve made during the year, your life, your eternity, you’re always allowed to be better. You’re always allowed to grow up, if you want.”

In a series of Instagram notes, Donald Glover had a reflective moment that resonated with plenty of down-in-the-dumps fans.

Photo Credit: BET


Who: Chris Brown
Year: 2013
What He Said: “Nigga done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist ass crying to the judge that I didn’t do it. Fuck the SYSTEM!”

The “Wake Me Up” singer expressed his attitude concerning the justice system once he received a “new batch of community service hours.”



Who: Bow Wow
Year: 2012
What He Said: “Doing everything on my own. No help from nobody. Going to radio dolo going to da clubs fuk’n with dj’s dolo. So when I win I’m thankn myself.”

After the poor reception to his Underrated album, Bow Wow became frustrated from having the project pushed back constantly. Travel a year later, and Mr. 106 and Park earned a hosting gig with the BET countdown show, putting music aside for the moment.

Photo Credit: rapup


Who: Kanye West
Year: 2010
What He Said: “I feel very alone very tortured very forced and very misunderstood and very hollow very very misused. I don’t trust anyone but myself! Everyone has an agenda. I don’t do press anymore. I can’t be everything to everybody anymore. I can’t be everybody’s hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ!”

Mr. West’s rants weren’t just a 2013 occurrence. Peep this 2010 Twitter post, the result of an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Photo Credit: pastemagazine


Who: Nicki Minaj
Year: 2012
What She Said: “All I do is compliment u. That’s not enuff? Ur a legend. Cheer up. U don’t have to run down ur resume or feel intimidated. Shady McGrady.”

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj weren’t the best of friends as depicted in MC’s “Up Out My Face” video. The two had disagreements on American Idol, and it escalated following Carey’s interview with Barbara Walters.

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Who: Amanda Bynes
Year: 2013
What She Said: “I need to have surgery to look beautiful for the man I’m in love with so I feel comfortable with the way I look when we get married.”

Earlier this year, headlines always had the Nickelodeon star’s name in the title, and her tweets from Rihanna to plastic surgery garnered that attention.


Who: LeBron James
Year: 2012
What He Said: “Man it’s hard to go out and have a good time these days! It’s cool though, it’s part of my life. Wouldn’t change anything(just saying). Been in the spotlight since I was 15. Sometimes u just wanna STOP!! But I refuse cause I have a commitment to the youth to inspire them!! That will keep me pushing forward and focused alone.”

The top gets lonely and few know the feeling of having all eyes on you. Last year, the two-time NBA champ took to Facebook to break down the pressures of being a superstar.


Who: Roscoe Dash

Year: 2012
What He Said: “Can’t do favors for niggas bcuz no matter how humble and generous u r to ppl niggas will take everything u have … Even niggas u look up to”

The Atlanta native aired out his feelings after he learned his name wasn’t on the song credits for Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb.” He did get attention from the DC resident, Miguel, and even Meek Mill.

Photo Credit: billboard

Lesson: just don’t vent


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Who’s more powerful: the omnipotent head of a corroding but still feisty superpower or the handcuffed commander in chief of the most dominant country in the world? This year the votes for the World’s Most Powerful — an annual look at the heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who truly rule the world — went with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He climbs one spot ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama, who held title in 2012.

Putin has solidified his control over Russia (“dictator” is no longer an outlandish word to ponder) while Obama’s lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for a two-term president — latest example: the government shutdown mess. Anyone watching this year’s chess match over Syria and NSA leaks has a clear idea of the shifting individual power dynamics.

The Most Powerul People in the World list represents the collective wisdom of top FORBES editors, who consider hundreds of nominees before ranking the planet’s top 72 power-brokers – one for every 100 million people on Earth — based on their scope of influence and their financial resources relative to their peers. (See full methodology here).

This year’s list features 17 heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of some $48 trillion — including the three most powerful people, Putin, Obama and Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China. The 27 CEOs and chairs control over $3 trillion in annual revenues, and 12 are entrepreneurs, including new billionaires on the list, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote (No. 64), founder of Dangote Group, and Oracle’s Larry Ellison (No. 58). Speaking of, this year’s class has 28 billionaires valued in excess of $564 billion.

Here, a quick peek at the Most Powerful People in the World 2013:

Newcomers: Among the 13 newcomers are Pope Francis (No. 4), Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee (No. 41), Volkswagen’s Martin Winterkorn (No. 49), South Korean President Park Geun-hye (No. 52), IBM CEO Virginia Rometty (No. 56), and Janet Yellen (No. 72), nominated by President Obama as the next leader of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Rosneft CEO and Putin confidant Igor Sechin (No. 60) and Jill Abramson (No. 68), the executive editor of the New York Times, make a return appearance after dropping of the list in years past.

He’s Not No. 1: This is the first year that Putin carries the crown. Obama has been on the top of the list for every year with the exception of 2010, when Hu Jintao, the former political and military leader of China, was No. 1.

Women Moving Up In Numbers: This year there are nine women on the list, representing 12% of the world’s most powerful — in stark contrast to being 50% of the world’s population. Both 2011 and 2012 featured six women leaders, and the inaugural list from 2009 included only 3 — or just 4.4%. Recently elected Park of South Korea joins the other heads of state German Chancellor Angela Merkel No.5), Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff (No. 20)and de facto head of India Sonia Gandhi (No. 21). Two of the world’s most important NGO’s are run by women: Christine Lagarde (No. 35) leads the IMF and Margaret Chan (No. 59) steers the World Health Organization.

Billionaires: Worth a cumulative $564 billion. Sure they’re rich but many of these billionaires deserve special attention for their philanthropic work, including Warren Buffett (No. 13), Michael Bloomberg (No. 29), Li Ka-shing (No. 30), Charles and David Koch (No. 31), and Mohammed Ibrahim (No. 71).

Entrepreneurs Represent:  There are 15 in total. As expected, many are headquartered on the West Coast:  Google’s Page and Brin, Mark Zuckerberg (No. 24), Elon Musk (No. 47), Ellison and Reid Hoffman (No. 65). Global entrepreneurial spirit spans from Japan’s  Masayoshi Son (No. 45) and China’s Robin Li (No. 61) to Africa’s Dangote and Ibrahim.

Year-over-year growth: The FORBES Most Powerful started in 2009, seeking to answer a straight yet complex question: What is the true nature of power and can we really compare and rank heads of state with religious figures and drug traffickers?  The premise has always been to select one person for every 100 million on the planet. The first list had 67 slots. This year we are up to 72. At this fifth edition, it’s notable that most of the leaders who made the top 10 on the inaugural list are still on today: Obama, Putin, Bill Gates (No. 6), U.S. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke (No. 7), the King of Saudi Arabia (No. 8), Wal-Mart CEO Michael Duke (No. 10), richest man in the world Carlos Slim Helu (No. 12), Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin (No. 17), and Rupert Murdoch (No. 33).

See the list here

Credit: Forbes